The bond of friendship

Often the most precious prizes of life are disguised as something very elementary. Things that we perceive trivial may very well be the things that keep us happy. Sharing an inseparable bond of friendship with a person is one of the fundamental joy of life. We all share that bond with a special someone. That one person occupies a special place in our heart . A bond that makes us realize that we need a pal to stand by our side, a pal that completes us.

Yes, we have hundreds of friends all of them different from the previous one. We share our life’s journey with them. However, there is that special someone we know that will hold our hand through the entire journey. We know that whatever happens they will be there for us. A true friend is a blessing. We share a bond more stronger than anything in the universe. It is impossible to fathom the value of a true friend in our life. They act various roles throughout our  time together. Sometimes acting as a big brother or a sister and at times filling the role of a guide and a companion.

A true friendship helps you to pour your heart out to that person. You know that whatever be the odds, that person will always hold your back. You are most comfortable when you are around them. You  most do not have to pretend to be anyone because they accept you for who you are. When you are feeling down, you can count on them to cheer you up. Even everyday activities turn to special memories when you are with them. No geographical separation is large enough to shake the foundations of a true friendship.

I have to use this opportunity to thank that one person in my life who is very dear to me(I know you will recognize that this is meant for you when you read it).To a pair as flashy as Batman and Robin,as inseparable as Han and chewie,more compatible than Joey and Chandler and as crazy as Butch and Sundance.

Don’t drop tears

don’t have fear

I know the pain you can’t bear

that is why I am always near.

Every time you fall

I will be there to catch you

I will jump any all to save you and hold you.

I ask you to hold my hand

hold them so tight

and don’t feel sad

because I am going to take you

to the light.

When you look back in time and reflect, you will realize that the memories you make along the way are far more valuable than the material things of the world. If you are thinking about someone as this this goes on, take out the time to say a simple ‘thank you’ to your very special person.




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