Fitness: The true meaning.


Right from our childhood we are used to seeing statues with Herculean physique,bodies carved to perfection every muscle being where it needs to be, not one inch more not one inch less. Is that all there is to being called fit ? Is the gym a one stop solution to being fit?

Arguably, fitness is often described as one being the “Right size” or being able to lift heavy or run longer or sometimes even being more active than most of the average people. Being fit however, is a state of art. It involves being healthy as much in the mind as it is in the body. You could be unfit and not even know about it.

Fitness being intangible is hard to measure to the dot and thus we display it in a variety of areas like sports, work and is  measured by factors like fatigue or body
weight. Before defining what being fit is we can clearly rule out what being unfit is. If your daily routine causes you pain or in some sense a feeling of tiredness,which may or may not have involved physical work  then you need to amp up your physique. Feeling unnecessarily lazy and often angry and irritated are also signs of being unfit. As a whole fitness is a state of the body and mind which makes keeps you active and comfortable throughout the day.This being said if you are obese or plain lazy then you are clearly unfit.

So it would seem natural to point out to the fact that the people going to the gym are fit. Maybe not. Gyms are only meant for you to take care of your physical body. Imagine humans at the start of civilization and imagine yourself. Would you be able to chase your prey for hours,going off days without food or running away from a wild animal about to make  a meal out of you.(That’s a highly unlikely case now a days). This is the true sense of being  physically and I cannot emphasize enough by  saying that it is purely  carnal. So it is true that if you were to ‘hit the gym’ ,you would eventually be fit physically. The next step is to ensure that you have enough sleep. Sleeping almost 6 to 7 hours a day is a must. You need to ensure that your body is well rested so you can face any type of situation more comfortably.

You could play a sport you like and stay in shape ensuring that you are physically fit. The only advantage with gyms is that you train every muscle group in a routine thereby ensuring that all of them grow. But if you know more than one sport keep switching being them,go out for a morning  jog or try yoga. Eventually it more or less amounts to the same thing.

The last two factors to being fit include a proper diet and peace of mind. You can never achieve true limits of your body if the food you eat does not match the requirements of your body. The mind is also a factor when it comes to being fit. A healthy mind is free from anxiety,worries,depression etc. Combining all these factors is what makes being truly fit.

Thus,being  fit has different definitions for everyone but same underlying principle and that is to be in the best state of your mind and body. How we achieve that is just a matter of personal choice.


Nico Rosberg: World champion after conquering Abu Dhabi.

It was 27th November 2016 when the amethyst skies of Abu Dhabi witnessed the crowning of a new world champion.Securing 2nd place in the final race of the formula 1 season ensured Nico his title as a world champion.

Accumulating a  total of 385 points over the span of 21 races of which he finished 1st nine times was enough to help him defeat his teammate and 3 time world champion Lewis Hamilton.The final race began with Lewis at pole position and Nico being second.Securing a finish within the top 3 was necessary for Nico to get the title and that is what he exactly did.

Both the drivers started off the race with the Pirelli ‘Ultra soft'(Purple) set.Lewis was fast to jump to the ‘Super soft'(Yellow) tires by making a pit stop in the 7th lap meanwhile Nico managed to get one more lap out of his super soft’s.

Following a two pit stop strategy,Lewis and Nico made their final pit stops in the 28th and 29th lap respectively.The race had reached a very exciting stage with Lewis first followed by Max Verstappen and the by Nico Rosberg. If  Nico were to relegate one more position down he would have lost out on the world champion title.With Lewis controlling the pace of the race he was determined to take things slow so that the other drivers could catch up to Nico. If Nico were to somehow be thrown out of the top 3 that would mean the championship for Lewis.At one point in the race the Mercedes crew asked him to turn up his speed but he blatantly refused to do so.

“I am losing the world championship, I don’t care if l lose the race,” said Hamilton. “I suggest you guys let us race.”


Battle between Max Verstappen and Nico Rosberg.


Nico burning donuts after winning the title.

The championship however,was decided when Nico pulled out a risky overtake over the RedBull driver Max Verstappen and thus coming to 2nd position.The lap was now 40 out of 55th  with Lewis leading the pack closely followed by Nico. This is when things decided to spice up again.In an attempt to pressurize Nico, Lewis started going slow. Nico was in a dilemma. If he tried to overtake Lewis and crashed in the process he would lose out on the title. However driving slow meant that other drivers would catch up to him. He faced constant therat from Max Verst

appen who was third.It was now the 50th lap and Vettel had moved up a place over Max Verstappen and was looking to push out Nico as well.The battle between the two was won by Nico when he managed to successfully ward him off in the last 2 laps.

Despite the efforts by Lewis to control the race, he could not stop Nico for finishing second and thus winning the title.After the race Nico described that the last few laps really tested his skills but he was glad that he kept cool and pulled it off.

The last race of the season was a perfect nail biter.The 2017 season of f1 promises to be even better with new rules regarding the car chassis and tires thus making the cars even faster.A treat for every f1 fan to watch!

Kohli v/s Dhoni: The Battle of the captains.


Kohli(left) and Dhoni(right) enjoying on the bench.

There is hardly person alive who follows cricket and is unaware of the legend Virat Kohli. Known for his explosive batting, lucid wrist action shots and an uncanny talent in timing the ball it is a no-brainer  that this young  lad is on his way to rewrite all the records in cricketing history.

Making his first debut in the ODI’s on 18 August 2008 vs Sri Lanka ,He was originally categorized as ferocious,rash and temperamental. However over the span of 8 short years he has turned himself into a name that is comparable with legend ,the god “Sachin” himself.

Having  accumulated more than 17,000 runs including the IPL,he has risen in ranks to secure his position amongst best batsmen in the world.Hailed as a run machine he has pivoted countless  victories for the Indian team .When chasing a target he trancends the best of the players. In 63 innings when batting second, Kohli averages 62.77 at a strike rate of 89.23, with ten centuries, an average of 6.3 innings per hundred; when batting first, he averages 37.72 at a strike rate of 84.26.

For kohli a reverse logic seem to work as he is better when he is chasing which in turn allows him to focus more(We all have at some point stopped our work to watch Kohli chase a target!)

He truly brings out the finest the sport has to offer.This being said,he is now taking charge of the team as the captain in various matches.Walking in the footsteps of the current ODI captain MS Dhoni whose unparalleled record as a captain is a feat itself,Kohli is looking to gain success here too.

The successor of ‘Captain cool’ is by no means is less than ,if not better than him.He is steadily improving his skills as a captain which he knows will be his next responsibility towards the Indian cricket team.Comparing  both the captains side by side here are a few statistics of test matches.
Kohli:                                                                                                                                     Dhoni:

Matches:17                                                                                                                        Matches:60

Won:10                                                                                                                                 Won:27

Draw:5                                                                                                                                  Draw:15

Lost:2                                                                                                                                    Lost:18

Kohli has yet to play matches as a captain so it would seem a bit rushed to declare either one of the two as better but looking at the recent form and fitness Kohli is displaying he would soon be surpassing the current captain.What further glories await him and how central will he be in shaping the future of the Indian Cricket ,we look forward to witnessing it first hand.